What the “hack” is BioHackLifestyle?

First and foremost, I am not a native english speaker, so there could be some grammatical flaws, so don’t be harsh on me dear Online-Professors ;P

So what are you trying to tell us through this blog ?

Short : I just want to give you the most efficient tips to boost your vitality, fitness and mental power.

Long: I am a Personal Trainer who likes to experiment. I’ve tried a lot of things to get the best out of my body and mind ( all kinds of diets,supplements,meditations,etc.). There were some things on my path i wouldn’t do ever again and some things i couldn’t go without anymore.

I want to talk all about them GOOD experiences, so you could save your time looking for the holy grail of biohacking. This blog will offer something to everbody.

Are you trying to gain muscle as fast as possible but you don’t want to gain fat in this process? You want to boost your mood? Wanna be more effective at work but the only thing you know is caffeine ? Do you want to learn about the most amazing superfoods and bio synergies ? GREAT! We talk about all of this and even more

more? OH MY GOD! I’m so excited !!!

Your excitement is justified. I will try to give away my best tips and secrets I’ve learned and I will learn. The only Problem is that I have so much in my head, so i don’t know where to start ( do you know where to start, if you don’t know a thing?)

Thanks for reading my first post and I hope I can boost somebody’s life out there with this blog.







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